Virtual Xpert™
Your Personal X-ray Assistant

For so many of us, the way we work is changing, but it doesn’t have to limit productivity.  Inspired by this “new normal”, Creative Electron now offers Virtual Xpert™, bringing you the power of X-ray inspection when and where you need it.  Whether you are in your production facility or working at your dining table, in your lab coat or in your pajamas, you can access your Virtual Xpert™.

Creative Electron has long offered X-ray inspection as a service, and in doing so it’s no surprise to find that it is our customers who know their products best, and thus are best suited to drive the inspection process.  But because it is not convenient for everyone to visit our lab in San Marcos, CA, we are now bringing that lab to you, virtually.

To utilize our Virtual Xpert™ services, simply send your samples to Creative Electron, and our expert applications specialist will load your part into the Creative Electron TruView™ inspection system best suited  to your needs.  We then put you in the driver’s seat, controlling the inspection from your own desktop.  Inspect your samples from the office with your team, or from the comfort of home with your dog in your lap.  Virtual Xpert™ allows you the flexibility to image your parts when and where you need to, with the expert support for which Creative Electron is renowned.

With Virtual Xpert™, you’ll have access to our TruView™ X-ray systems with sources ranging form 80kV-300kV, and up to 2000x magnification.  Large samples are no problem, and you can provide a single part, or as many a you like.  You’ll be in control, using our TruView 11™ software with which you’ll control source power, exposure, image capture, measuring tools and more, and our applications experts will be there with support as needed.  It’s your product, you know it best and you should inspect it.


Our experiences team at Creative Electron is ready to assist with inspection of electronics assemblies, medical devices, sporting goods, luxury goods and fashion, aerospace and automotive components, armor plates, agricultural samples, and much more.  We’ve seen a lot, but encourage you to surprise us with something new.  Whether your evaluating a new process or a new material, troubleshooting a production issue, or validating internal features of a 3D printed part, Virtual Xpert™ makes the power of X-ray inspection more accessible than ever.

Schedule a time with our team to place your product into one of our TruView™ X-ray inspection systems, which you can control from your own computer wherever you are. Once that inspection is complete, we’ll place the next item into the machine for you.


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