TruView™ Fusion X-ray System

Power, versatility, and flexibility. Fused.

The TruView™ Fusion X-ray Inspection System is  our most versatile X-ray system. This standalone system has a sensor that tilts up to 45 degrees to manintain maximum magnification at every angle. With the optical rotational table, you can view your sample at nearly any imaginable angle.



  • Viewing Area 20″ x 20″
  • X-ray Source: Up to 150 kV
  • System Dimensions: 49″ x 36″ x 65″

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The TruView™ Fusion is powered by our own TruView™ 11 Software which provides for an intuitive manual inspection process and the ability to program a complete suite of tests. These tests can easily be repeated on a batch of samples, making the TruView™ Fusion the ideal X-ray machine for “at line” applications. With full pass/fail capabilities, this system can either assist or replace an experienced operator.

X-ray Source Voltage: Wide range of microfocus options, from 80kV to 300kV.

X-ray Sensor: Wide range of options, from 3″x4″ to 17″x17″ flat panels.

Sample Manipulation: Fully automated X, Y, Z, and x-ray sensor tilt. Sample and stage rotations also available.

System Dimensions (LxWxH):48”x36”x65”

Maximum Visible Sample Area:20″x20″ or 20″x48″

Magnification:variable, up to 2,000x

Included Software: TruView 11 Standard

Included Computer: PC with latest Windows OS, fully networkable.

Optional Upgrades: TruView 11 Premium, sample rotation mechanism, stage rotation mechanism. Inspection automation and custom path macros.

Warranty: 3-year warranty (USA only)

Safety:FDA compliant and CE certified. Cabinet fully shielded with multiple interlocks, keyed start switch, and emergency stop switch. Certified to operate worldwide.

TruView™ Fusion A

The TruView™ Fusion A has a sample table  that is 20″x 20″ and can be powered with X-ray sources  with a top power from 80kV to 300kV. The table moves in the X and Z directions while the source and sensor move in the Y direction giving the operator the power to look over the entire table area while keeping the cabinet to a relatively compact footprint. The tilting sensor provides oblique angle views of the sample so you can get the right shot every time. When powered with a transmissive X-ray source, the TruView™ Fusion A can achieve magnifications of up to 2,000x.

TruView™ Fusion A

TruView™ Fusion AXI

Designed for the high mix SMT environment, the TruView™ Fusion AXI has a “one-button” program interface and a fully automated operation. Intuitive and easy to use so you don’t have to become an X-ray expert. You want to look for efficiency for your line – and that’s exactly what the TruView™ Fusion AXI gives you. Results so fast that you can quickly turn data into information, information into action, and action into ROI! Your next AXI system has to be a source of information, not a source of bottlenecks. With a short cycle time, the TruView™ Fusion AXI will keep up with the fastest lines. Speed you can count on to keep your lines running at full efficiency.

TruView™ Fusion AXI

TruView™ Fusion LED

The TruView™ Fusion LED is the first X-ray machine designed to meet the stringent requirements of LED panel manufacturers. We understand your challenges dealing with large boards, a huge number of components, and the need for a fast cycle time. We designed the TruView Fusion LED for you. Your X-ray system has to be a source of information, not a source of bottlenecks. With a short cycle time, the TruView™ Fusion LED will keep up with the fastest lines. Speed you can count on to keep your lines running at full efficiency. Capable of inspecting the larger boards in the market today, the TruView Fusion LED is the right x-ray machine to assure that the quality of the product you are shipping meets the requirements of your customers.

TruView™ Fusion LED

TruView™ Fusion CT

The TruView™ Fusion CT is an incredible 3D X-ray system that will allow you to take full computed tomography images of your samples in a few minutes. Built with patent pending algorithms and state of the art hardware capable of absolute measurements inside your samples, the TruView™ Fusion CT is the 3D X-ray system you’ve been waiting for! The TruView™ Fusion CT software comes equipped with a special plugin that outputs .stl files – the standard format for 3D printing. That means you can 3D X-Ray scan a sample with your TruView™ Fusion CT and – in a matter of minutes – have the CT volume printed. How is this better than an optical 3D scanner? The CT of the sample allows you to “see inside the sample”, which means you can print a cross section of the sample instead of only the outer shell. You can even correct defects of your original sample in the CT volume so that the 3D printout is corrected/modified.

TruView™ Fusion CT
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