Exclusive TruView™ Software

We design and develop unique software solutions for many different tasks and industries right here in Southern California. We strive to perfect the X-ray imaging systems with TruView™ software by making of unique solutions for whatever task is necessary. TruView™ software uses artificial intelligence, fully-automated tasks, precise spot detection, and hyper-efficient processes.

Our team makes the highest-quality X-ray software solutions in the industry.

Our software is specifically designed to operate with our TruView™ X-ray inspection system so that there are no compatibility issues, and so your required task is easy to operate and analyze. We don’t trust other out-of-the-box products that might not do the job as we intend it to. We offer many different TruView™ software programs to cover a multitude of different tasks. And if our software services don’t work for your unique situation, talk with us and we will develop something that can!

TruView™ 11 X-ray Software

Complete plug-and-play-solution

The TruView™ 11 X-ray Software is available as the standard software platform in all TruView™ X-ray inspection systems. It’s a scalable platform with many advanced features, designed by our team of in-house software engineers. It’s packed with a full set of tools for inspection, data acquisition, and annotation, including a complete project browser. And if your software needs ever change, it’s very easy to upgrade the TruView™ 11 into one of our Premium versions for more specific features depending on what X-ray system you use.

TruView™ AI Software

Make your X-ray system intelligent.

Creative Electron has been developing image analysis algorithms for a wide range of X-ray applications using state-of-the-art machine learning, artificial intelligence, and neural networks for over a decade. It all started with a Homeland Security program when we first applied these algorithms to the automated detection of counterfeit components. Since then, we have deployed image analysis algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI) engines for a wide range of applications.

The TruView™ AI Software package is customized to your application to solve the industry’s most challenging problems. Here are a few of the applications where TruView™ AI Software has been able to completely replace an operator in determining if a sample is good or bad:

ai tube
  • – Find small cracks and dents in a very complex military mechanical assembly.
  • – Measure the ID/OD of a catheter running through the TruView™ machine at 0.5m/s.
  • – Pass or fail medical devices based on parts presence and placement.
  • – Inspect refurbished smartphones to find missing/extra screws and a number of other inconsistencies.
  • – Fail inspection if contents of a package are not what is expected.
  • – Find counterfeit components inside refurbished smartphones.

TruView™ Inspector

Efficient quality spot checks.

The TruView™ Inspector Software is a powerful upgrade to your TruView™ PC2. This upgrade allows you to quickly and efficiently perform X-ray inspection of your samples – medical devices, PCB, castings – by comparing production units to a known-good sample (reference image, golden sample). TruView™ Inspector runs on our proprietary algorithms that perform image registration and comparison so you can spot check your production without stopping the production line. Some of the great features of your TruView™ Inspector include:

  • – Easy to use: quickly train new operators in manufacturing process
  • – One button push to program the board
  • – Find SMT defects on your PCB: shorts, opens, voids, missing components
  • – Detect counterfeit components
  • – Identify wrong component orientation

TruView™ Image Processor

Complete plug-and-play-solution

So the computer on your Nicolet, FocalSpot, Faxitron, Glenbrook (or any other brand) x-ray machine died or is about to die. Or your x-ray machine is still running a Windows XP or Windows 7 PC. Perhaps you lost the “dongle” to properly operate the x-ray software. Or you’re looking for the latest Apps to help you inspect your samples. No matter what the reason is, the new TruView Image Processor (TruView IP) may be the solution you’re looking for!

  • Why TruView IP?
  • – Improved safety of the latest Windows 10 operational system.
  • – Complete plug-and-play solution
  • – Total platform upgrade – TruView IP includes software and hardware
  • – Technical support from our US-based developers
  • – Ability to run your x-ray machine with a new PC

TruView™ BI Software

Keeping business efficiency high is never more important than right now. How efficient is your X-ray inspection process? What data are you gathering to help you answer that question? We all know that you can’t manage what you don’t measure.

Introducing TruView™ BI. Business intelligence for your X-ray process. We help your data-driven culture by providing intelligence on the usage of your TruView™ X-ray system.
With TruView™ BI you can track:

  • -Machine Status
  • -Cycle Time of your AXI
  • -Utilization Percentage
  • -Operator usage
  • -Pass/Fail percentage
  • -Samples scanned per hour
  • -Samples scanned per day
  • -Total samples scanned over life of system
  • -Time until next PM

Our in-house software team can develop custom data sets for your system and all of the data can be integrated with Microsoft Power BI, making it easy to integrate into your data-driven workplace.

TruView™ BI Software
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