X-ray Medical Device Inspection

Whether your medical device manufacturing needs require an off-the-shelf system to manually explore your product in an R&D Lab or a specialized, high-volume production line, X-ray inspection systems are invaluable tools in advancing product development, manufacturing, and quality assurance. Medical device manufacturers who partner with Creative Electron have benefited through shorter product development cycles and improved production volume with lower product defect rates.

Key benefits for X-ray medical device inspection systems:
• Tailor inspection systems for all manufacturing needs
• Real-time images
• X-ray inspection of individual components to complex assemblies
• Range from off-line manually operated system to fully autonomous systems
• Fully customizable inspection parameters

Together, we can design X-ray inspection systems for medical devices to your exact criteria and application needs.

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While manual inspection can determine parts presence or absence, it is slow and labor intensive. By combining high resolution X-ray with machine vision and/or artificial intelligence, Creative Electron solutions quickly validate any number of components within complex assemblies.

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 Parts<br> Presence/Absence

Whether parts placement requires tight tolerances or just need to be within a defined region, our solutions make validation fast and easy. By combining high resolution X-ray with machine vision and/or artificial intelligence we can solve your parts placement challenges.

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Spring problems contribute to many device defects. We’ve designed systems to resolve nested, missing, damaged and deformed springs within complex assemblies. Spring coil counting is a powerful quality check in ensuring precise device function.

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Spring Coil<br> Counting

Not only do our X-ray inspection systems easily detect bubbles, but advanced software can evaluate bubble size, quantity and location based on the criteria you set. Inspection can be performed manually or in a fully automate, even autonomous format.

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