Lighting Industry

After more than 3,000 different layouts and configurations, it was in 1879 when Thomas Edison demonstrated the first commercially viable light bulb. And with that demonstration the modern lighting industry was born. Much has changed since the dark days of the industry in Edison’s packed laboratory in Menlo Park. Filaments have been replaced with advanced semiconductors that efficiently transform electricity into light. Material science has enabled lights of many colors. Electronic power drivers have allowed us to shape and distribute lighting as far as our imagination can reach.

These advances come with a price. The cost of evolution is the expectation that things “just work”. Reliability is implied. As a result, your TruView™ X-ray system will assist you in assuring your customers that the product you ship meets – and exceeds – their expectations.

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Building critical parts with counterfeit components can be disastrous. Rely on TruViewTM X-ray systems to verify parts are what they are supposed to be before assembly.

Counterfeit Detection

Time is money. Losing time due to insufficient parts can be incredibly costly. Rely on TruViewTM X-ray Parts Counter systems to keep your inventory accurately counted.

Parts Counting

The solder joints on bottom-terminated components such as BGAs and QFNs are largely hidden from even the best microscopes. TruViewTM X-ray inspection can see through the component to see the solder pads and voiding hidden beneath it.

Bottom-Terminated Components (BGA, QFN, CSP)

Through hole via, or barrel, fill is critical for electrical connection as well as mechanical strength. With TruViewTM X-ray systems, you can see into the barrel or have them automatically measured for pass/fail analysis.

Through<br>Hole Via

LEDs are great, but voids can turn great, faithful products into unreliable components with a shorter lifespan than an incandescent bulb. Trust a TruViewTM system to verify your voiding is within specifications.

Power Devices

Packaging of an integrated circuit is a very fine process. Once packaged, it is all invisible from an optical perspective. X-ray enables you to look through the resin at the die, lead frame, and wire bonds.

IC Packaging, PoP,<br>Wirebonds
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