Creative Electron is a partner system integrator with Hamamatsu to offer our customers and system integrators with the highest quality x-ray sources in the market.

A wide range of X-ray sources are available in stock and ready to ship. We also offer conversion kits to adapt Hamamatsu sources to your legacy X-ray system. When coupled with a new TruView™ IP (Image Processor), this combination gives a whole new life to your X-ray machine.

Our team will help you select the best tools for your job and then put them to work so you don’t have to.

Talk to an Engineer about Hamamatsu

As the demand for stricter and higher quality of industrial products has increased, so has the efficiency of production processes. Hamamatsu’s wide X-ray source lineup supports non-contact and non-destructive detection of minute defects in internal structures, as well as contributing to productive manufacturing and inspection processes.

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