Forensic investigations use X-rays to determine what happened in case of an incident. For example, you can use a portable X-ray system to image the items in a kitchen that caught on fire to find out where the fire started. Thus, X-ray inspection can help investigators determine if an event was an accident or a crime.

We offer a wide range of solutions in this space – from systems to service. We can come to your facility for an inspection. If further analysis is needed, we can further study the sample in our facility with high resolution and high magnification X-ray systems.

Looking inside evidence without disturbing or destroying it is critical to building a case.

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Building critical parts with counterfeit components can be disastrous. When there is a need to be thorough, checking the authenticity of components is important.


Comparing a known good appliance with one retrieved from a fire and comparing the placement of different parts can be a critical tool in a forensic investigation.

Parts &<br>Placement

Poor voiding on LEDs and similar components can lead to overheating and even combustion. Shorts on the component level can also lead to fires.

LED and Power<br>Devices

A strong and durable connection is critical for any system. Having shorts between conductors within a cable or connector can lead to overheating.

Cables and<br>Connectors

There are many layers to battery inspection. Depending on the battery type, resolving the layers themselves can be critical. The anode and cathode connections presence and alignment not only show pass/fail but also are signs of counterfeits.


While computed tomography cannot be completed in the field, reconstructing a full 3D rendering can make it easier to investigate a component and a more aesthetic presentation to others.

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