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Trust is key to any business. Unfortunately, the fashion industry loses billions of dollars every year to counterfeited goods. X-ray inspection exposes the insides of products, not just what is on the surface. Counterfeiters can easily match the paint or outer material to an authentic item – but to get the inner framework, alloys, and guts of an article – well, that’s a much greater challenge. Counterfeiting the outside of a product is easy – the insides is much harder, and much more expensive. Expensive to the point that it makes the counterfeiting effort too expensive to try.

To mitigate the counterfeit problem, we offer simple-to-use, fast, and automated X-ray inspection systems that help you tell the good from the bad. Once you see a fake under the eye of a TruView™ X-ray machine you won’t be fooled again.

Contact us to have an engineer figure out the best TruView™ X-ray solution for your particular situation.

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The world of high fashion is full of high fakes. Name brand handbags are frequently copied by forgers due to bag’s high demand and high cost. Forgeries can look very good on the outside, but X-ray exposes the critical construction differences on the inside. Copying the external and internal construction of the bag is making the real one – thus not worth the effort.


Like everything in life, if a product is expensive and in high demand, there’s likely someone out there counterfeiting it. High-end shoes are not an exception. To make a perfect copy is to make the real article – thus not worth it as a criminal enterprise. Better copy something else you’re not using a TruView™ X-ray machine to inspect!


Two watches, both identical on the outside. Virtually impossible to tell them apart. The X-ray image, on the other hand, told another story. Watch A was a legitimate Swiss made timepiece of perfection. The other, a cheap digital mechanism not worth $10. Only the TruView™ X-ray image can tell you the good from the bad.

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