Application Specific X-ray Solutions

The right system for your application

Every situation is unique. Every application is unique. We design X-ray machines for a living, and we’ve been doing that for a while. We start by understanding your process. If it turns out that your best solution is a custom system, we’ll design a machine that will meet all your requirements. And that includes software and hardware. What makes our offer unique is the complete line of off-the-shelf cabinets we have in inventory. We use these cabinets as the platform to build your own X-ray system. That saves time and money. We deliver an incredible amount of value – give us a call to find out!

Let's chat about your application

We understand the process to find you the perfect X-ray machine can be challenging and stress-inducing. But we don’t tell you what machine is best for you. Instead, we’ll discuss your application and focus on finding the best X-ray inspection solution available. If it turns out the best solution is a custom system, we’ll work together to provide you with a machine that will meet all your requirements.

Here’re some of the latest custom systems we built. In all these examples, the X-ray machine operated independently from an operator. That means we customized hardware and software – from machine learning to artificial intelligence:

  • Identifies if product returned to retailer is what the vendor expected for fraud mitigation.
  • Find small cracks and dents in a very complex military mechanical assembly.
  • Measures the ID/OD of a catheter running through the TruView™ machine at 0.5m/s.
  • Passes or fails medical devices based on parts presence and placement.
  • Inspects refurbished smartphones to find any number of inconsistencies and defects.
  • Fails inspection if contents of a package are not what is expected.
  • Finds counterfeit components inside refurbished smartphones.
  • Takes fingerprint of PCBA to assess if any modifications are done in the field.

If your application fits any of these examples, or you think you need a custom solution for your operation, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We will help guide you to find the perfect solution.

We look forward to working with you!

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