Creative (Electron) Financing

Historically low interest rates and the low cost of cash in the market today, combined with the possibility for fast depreciation allowed by IRS section 179, provides for a great opportunity to make investments in your company that you may have previously been hesitant about. Creative Electron can help you with financing options so that your monthly return on investment may even outpace your monthly payments. If qualified, you can even choose to defer payments for several months.

Some are using the X-ray system of third parties and paying high fees that end up totaling more than a monthly payment through a lease. In this case, having a system in house not only provides immediate financial relief, but also greatly reduces wasted time in shipping and managing the process remotely. Most people also end up finding several new ways of using their X-ray inspection system that were previously cost-prohibitive.

With interest rates at historic lows, it’s a great time to invest in your business.  We are all looking forward to the coming economic recovery, and preparing for its opportunities. Whether for research and development, process improvement, or quality assurance, investing in a TruView™ X-ray inspection machine can position you to take full advantage of future growth.  Contact us now to discuss finance options for your new X-ray inspection solution.

Don’t forget about the tax advantages of acquiring new equipment prior to year’s end.  Whether you opt for Section 179 or Bonus Depreciation, these tax incentives help to accelerate the ROI on your new TruView™ X-ray inspection equipment. By electing this path, you may be able to reduce your taxes by tens of thousands of dollars.


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