In a high-reliability industry like the medical, aerospace, military, and automotive, X-ray inspection systems must be precise and accurate down to the smallest measurement. There are lives depending on it. With the TruView™ X-ray Inspection System, we guarantee that your devices will be accurately inspected for anomalies to prevent potential malfunctions.

Creative Electron offers many different X-ray inspection processes that apply to the inspection of castings. The expertise in algorithm development in all of our products goes far beyond the limits of most X-ray companies.

Contact us to have an engineer figure out the best custom or off-the-shelf X-ray solution for your particular necessity.

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Shrinkage defects can be both open and closed. While open shrinkage is visible from the outside, closed shrinkage is within the casting and therefore needs X-ray to see it clearly.

Gas Porosity

Gas porosity is caused by the formation of bubbles within a casting as it changes from a liquid state to a solid state. This can cause weakness in the area around it.


Inclusions cause weaknesses in the casting and are the result of dross or slag being introduced into the casting during the pouring process. These can either come from the mold or contamination by foreign object debris (FOD).

Hot Cracking

Hot cracking, or hot tears, occur while the casting is cooling. This can be caused by inconsistent cooling across the casting.

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