Creative Electron has partnered with CarestreamNDT to expand our offering in the Non-destructive Testing (NDT) space to include film, processing chemicals, CR imaging technology, as well as robust DR panels for portable systems.

With a trusted name and products made in the USA, CaresteamNDT and Creative Electron are a perfect match to stock and supply products to you.

Creative Electron also integrates CarestreamNDT products into custom system to meet the requirements of your unique application.

Talk to an Engineer about CarestreamNDT

Carestream’s DR Detector portfolio offers a quick, easy and an affordable way to transition to digital radiography of the highest order. DR allows clinicians to view images in seconds, helping physicians to immediately assess a patient’s condition and begin appropriate treatment. Carestream provides a number of DR detector options, including a variety of sizes, with either Gadolinium or Cesium Scintillators. This allows you to select just the right one for your facility and your budget. Contact Creative Electron for a complete list of options available to you today.

    With film, we sometimes needed a dozen overlapped captures for a single large painting. The Carestream CR system allows us to capture the same information in as little as three shots.

    – Dan Kushel, State University of New York Distinguished TeachingProfessor, Technical Examination and Documentation

    This technology makes radiography a far more immediate and viable method of examination, allowing us to more fully explore the fascinating world of technical art history and documentation.The Carestream CR system has proven to be a valuable asset to our work.

    – National Gallery of Canada

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