Art Conservation

Important pieces of art must be examined in a way that will not only validate their history, but also uncover intricate structural details and information that is essential for their preservation and restoration. Radiography helps conservators, museums, collectors, auction houses, and universities do just that.

Our radiography system give conservators the power they need to see more than with traditional film solutions in a cost-effective manner. More dynamic range for more detailed images. Larger capture sizes (up to 85” plates) that allow for fewer shots. And immediate digital results, with no darkrooms or film processing required.

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Reveal hidden watermarks obscured by printed text or images, which permits conservators to accurately date these artifacts. Likewise, researchers can identify structural characteristics of sculptures and vessels to aid in authenticating the source and history of objects and assessing their condition. Cracks, casting flaws and other disfigurations all can be clearly revealed.

Fraud Mitigation

Radiography is a key inspection modality used worldwide in the determination of the structure of artifacts prior to preservation and restoration efforts. Digital radiographs include information about the entire depth of an object that other imaging techniques cannot document.

Preservation<br>and Restoration
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