Agricultural items are X-ray inspected much more than most people think. The resulting image can expose insect infestation inside kernels as well as whether or not the seed has been germinated and has the possibility of growing into a viable plant. Research has even shown that the likelihood of viability can be determined by the amount of free space inside the seed.

With a TruView™ system you can save imaging recipes for your seeds as well as store past images into libraries for future comparison.

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For manual inspection, there is no easier system than a TruView™ X-ray system. Simply place the seeds on a tray and slide them into the appropriate slot to achieve desired magnification. Presets are available to help you get the settings matched each time.


Knowing the germination percentage requires counting all the seeds being analyzed. This can be an arduous task, but with TruView™ custom software, the counting can be done for you.


Identifying the presence of germination and the absence of infestation are both helpful in controlling the quality of a shipment of seeds.

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