Our Mission: See the Invisible™

Our mission is to make a positive contribution to the world by making x-ray tools that solve commercial and industrial challenges. We treat our team with dignity and respect while enforcing a strict meritocracy. We believe diversity makes us a better organization. Our customers become partners, and as such, they deserve our honesty. We are for substance and against fluff. We are for local designing and sourcing. We’re scientists and geeks at heart, so we approach every challenge with the creativity needed to solve problems others think can’t be solved. We change the way our customers see their products.

Why Creative Electron?

Creative innovation and impeccable customer service.

Creative Electron was founded in 2008 by Dr. Bill Cardoso with a simple mission: to build the best X-ray inspection systems in the world. We spent our first few years in business focusing on technology development and building our intellectual property portfolio. During this period we worked with several US government agencies on solving challenging problems in homeland security and defense. These experiences helped us to further develop the technologies that eventually ended up in our TruView™ X-ray inspection systems.

Similar to many successful companies like Apple and HP, Creative Electron started in a garage in sunny California. With the help of an amazing group of engineers and technicians, we at Creative Electron realized that the sky is the limit when a great idea is fueled by an incredible amount of work and dedication.

By the Numbers

Our top priority when developing X-ray systems is innovation. Yes, our customer support is world class. Yes, our products are exceptional. In a world where every company sounds the same, it’s hard to tell them apart. We’re geeks at heart, so let’s talk numbers:

85% Referral Rate: word of mouth is how we sell our systems.
99% Satisfaction: the vast majority of our customers are satisfied customers.
98% Repeat Business: once a customer, we work very hard to keep you as a customer.
600-Mile Supply Chain: that’s how far we need to go to supply materials for our systems.

Tour the Facility





Meet the Team

Our X-ray systems are the best in the world. It matters to us that our team is making the best X-ray machines in the world. We hold these values true to our core – true to what makes our jobs meaningful. We are very proud of the machines we build and the processes we created to build them.

It takes an amazing team focused on making sure you have the right X-ray machine for your application. A team that is honest; a team that is as happy to recommend our systems as it is to refer you to another vendor. Honesty means that you might not end up being our customer. But that’s ok, because it also means that you’ll call us back next time you need an X-ray system.

Talk to Us

We’d love to share our X-ray system love with you, so contact us or come by for a visit!

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