3D Printing

3D printing, or additive manufacturing, has continued to explode with innovation. Different materials continue to be explored and fine-tuned. Printers of various sizes and axes are being employed all over the world in different industries to make new and exciting things.

Fundamental to all of this are some common defects. Many of which are visible to the trained eye, but many others are internal to the printed part and can be seen through either destructive testing or X-ray analysis.

TruView™ X-ray inspection systems can be used for failure analysis of problem parts as well as quality assurance on high-reliability products.

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Internal holes and gaps can greatly weaken the integrity of your parts. Under extrusion between the perimeter and infill undermines the design. Catch this problem easily with a quick X-ray inspection.

Layer Separation

Separating and splitting of layers will often have a domino effect that will be visible from the outside, but tearing it apart to see what went wrong makes the investigation less successful. X-ray allows you to see inside the part without adding defects of your own that confuse the analysis.

Weak Infill

When the infill is stringy and thinner than required, a weak interior is created. When strength is integral to your part, this is unacceptable.


When printing large parts, especially with high temperature filament, warping can occur. This can happen on outside features as well as internal ones.


There are many tools to measure the accuracy of the your print’s outside dimensions, but when internal measurements are critical, turn to TruView™ X-ray inspection.

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